Diana documentary: Queen's former spokesman defends William and Harry for opening up

'After Princess Diana documentary no contradictory reports can be made', says former royal spokesman

William and Harry have spoken out in a documentary

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Queen's former spokesman has defended Princes William and Harry for their decision to open up about their mother.

ITV is to broadcast a documentary on Princess Diana tonight (July 24) featuring intimate interviews with her two sons, to mark 20 years since her death.

Dickie Arbiter told Julia Hartley-Brewer have "had to endure 20 years of [news] stories, some of them absolutely fiction.

"A lot of things have been said without a lot of knowledge, and they felt it was time to express their own personal views.

"It is a very personal and honest account and I think it’s probably the right time to do it."

Some have claimed that, by not including Prince Charles in the documentary, his sons are implictly criticising his parenting. However Arbiter believes this is not the case as "it is about their mother. It’s not about the marriage. It’s not about their dad. It’s not about relationships with other people."

He thinks "they had a brilliant upbringing from both parents, that’s why they’re so well-rounded."

Arbiter believes "that interest [in Princess Diana] will continue until such time the generations that were actually around when she was around have eventually gone to meet their maker."

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