Diane Abbott abuse: Staff share some of the racist mesages received by Jeremy Corbyn ally

Diane Abbott's staff have spoken out about the abuse she receives

One of the abusive messages received by Diane Abbott

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Diane Abbott's former and present staff have spoken out about the shocking racist abuse she regularly receives from the public.

One staff member told of an email which was sent to the MP's office, whose subject line read "an issue of extreme importance."

However upon opening the email it contained the word n***er 228 times, according to iNews.

Another told iNews that she is often sent images of "animals or pornographic imags," adding: "One Christmas some sick person created an account in Diane’s name and emailed Member of Parliaments and many members of Parliamentary staff with a pornographic image with Diane’s face superimposed."

All of the staff agreed that they had seen death threats adddressed to Abbott.

An email was also provided by the staff members which contained very offensive language and said things such as "I am just plain tired of n***ers. But fortunately, I have the solution to the n***er problem in my White hands."

The message then goes on to suggest that, if support for black people was taken away, they would "starve or freeze to death."

A source also claimed that someone had contacted the MP to tell her they had worked out where she lived by waiting outside and seeing her son.

Members of staff claim abuse directed at Jeremy Corbyn's key ally increased during the last two years and were annoyed when Parliament held a debate on the abuse. They say the debate made it sound like the abuse was unique to the election and mainly aimed at the Tory party.

A source said: “It’s nice that other Members of Parliament have come out in support, but actually some of them are part of the problem. They are free to taunt and even swear at Diane and Parliamentary authorities do nothing. In fact they are rewarded with favourable coverage.

“So if the message from the media and the highest echelons of the political elite is, ‘you can say what you like about Diane Abbott’, is it any surprise members of the general public think it’s acceptable behaviour?"