Diane Abbott accuses Lord Sugar of 'harassment'

Ms Abbott said Lord Sugar's tweets were 'abusive'

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has accused business tycoon Lord Alan Sugar of “targeted harassment” on Twitter.

The Labour MP tweeted a selection of screenshots of posts made by the crossbench peer, labelling them “disrespectful”, “offensive” and “abusive".

She wrote: “This man repeatedly posts “disrespectful & offensive” msgs & photos of me. This is "targetted [sic] harassment”. He has a history of “abusive” tweets about me i.e. sexist poetry.

"I reported him to Twitter hoping they take all complaints seriously, no matter who the Twitter user is.”

The “sexist poetry” in question was in reference to a tweet Lord Sugar posted in April last year.

Captioned “An ode to Jeremy Corbyn”, the poem referred to Ms Abbott as the Labour leader’s “lover”.

The Hackney MP’s tweet has sparked a social media campaign, with thousands of Twitter users posting messages of support, along with the hashtag #IStandWithDiane.

Women’s rights activist and co-organiser of Women’s March London, Aisha Ali-Khan, wrote: “Diane Abbott receives incredible amount of hate & vitriol, mainly because she is one of the UK’s most visible black women in the past few decades. Shame on Lord Sugar for leading those attacks. House of Lords membership shouldn’t allow you to bully others! #IStandwithDiane”.

And Black Lives Matter activist Nick, tweeted: "#IStandWithDiane because she has tirelessly fought for a more equal society for over 30 years.

She showed 100 per cent support for the Grenfell survivors and the Windrush generation and she challenges racial bias in stop and search. A brilliant MP who needs to be Home Secretary."

Lord Sugar has not yet responded to Ms Abbott.

However, he has previously said he is "entitled" not to like the politician, and that there was "nothing racist" in his criticism of her.

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