Diane Abbott defends Julian Assange

Diane Abbott Assange

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Diane Abbott has defended Julian Assange during a House of Commons discussion about his arrest.

The Labour MP claimed that the WikiLeaks co-founder was being pursued because he "exposed wrongdoing" and not to protect "US national security".

"He is being pursued because he has exposed wrongdoing by US administrations and their military forces," Ms Abbott said.

"There should be protection afforded to those who take personal risk to disclose wrongdoing where that disclosure serves the public interest."

She added: "Julian Assange is at risk of extradition to the US precisely because, on this side of the House, we believe he has disclosed material that is in the utmost public interest."

Assange was removed from the Ecuadorian embassy by the Metropolitan Police this morning, and was further arrested on behalf of US authorities.

Ms Abbott continued: "We have the utmost confidence in the British legal system.

"But we would say on this side of the House we would be very concerned that on the basis of what we know, Julian Assange was extradited to the US."

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