Diane Abbott: Labour is 'committed' to honouring Brexit vote

Diane Abbott

Friday, January 11, 2019

Diane Abbott has insisted the Labour Party is "committed to honouring" the Brexit vote, despite backbench MPs claiming it will "damage" the communities they represent.

The Shadow Home Secretary made the comments on what is day three of a five-day debate on Brexit in the House of Commons.

Addressing MPs, she said the debate surrounding Brexit had become "excessively polarised", adding: "I want to stress for members on this side of the House that we are committed to honouring the referendum vote.



"More than that, we understand what moved so many million of our fellow citizens to vote for Brexit."

Following her comments, backbencher Mike Gapes asked if the party would back Brexit "even if it damages the very communities Labour MPs represent".

Ms Abbott claimed the party was committing to a Brexit that "will not harm" the UK economy, reiterating that they would "honour" the referendum vote.

Her remarks came the day after Environment Secretary Michael Gove branded Labour's Brexit policy "bollocks".