Diane Abbott struggles with anti-terror report during another car-crash interview

Diane Abbott struggles with anti-terror report information during another car-crash interview

Diane Abbott appeared on Sky News (Stock image)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Labour's Diane Abbott has endured another car-crash interview as she struggled to remember anti-terror report recommendations.

The shadow home secretary was interviewed by Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News and questioned about the Lord Harris report on London's ability to respond to terrorism.

Abbott said "I think we do need to revisit that report," but couldn't explain which part should be revisited, according to The Telegraph.

She claimed:  "Well I think it's just about preparedness and resilience."

Murnaghan then asked what the report had recommended, and she only responded "I know he was talking about preparedness and resilience and I do think we need to act, not necessarily on every specific recommendation."

Abbott went on to say "I thought, because I know Toby Harris - he's a long-standing London politician - I thought it was an important review and we should act on it, obviously acting with stakeholders."

The interviewer later asked her about the report's views on physical resistance and Abbott said that it was important.

Despite this she was seemingly unaware that this included putting up barriers, in light of the attack in Nice, until Murnaghan told her.

Abbott then said: "We're now putting up barriers on bridges, and you'd think we might have done that before."

Listen again to the nightmare interview below.