Diane Abbott's attack of police moped tactics show she is 'detached from the real world', says founder of crime prevention charity

Diane Abbott's attack of police moped tactics show she is 'detached from the real world', says founder of crime prevention charity

Photo of man on moped being 'nudged' after a pursuit by police. Image: Metropolitan Police

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Norman Brennan, Founder of Law & Order Foundation has said that Diane Abbott’s criticism of police tactics when dealing with moped crime shows she is “detached from the real world”.

The Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington described the police tactic of 'nudging' people off their mopeds during a pursuit as "dangerous". 

She added that "Police are not above the law". 

Mr Brennan, who is also a former police officer, told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “Section 3 of the Criminal Law Act gives anybody in Britain the right to use reasonable force to defend themselves or prevent crime.

“Police Officers are empowered to protect society.

“Diane Abbott is detached from the real world and complains that it is dangerous.

“There are a number of crimes that are also dangerous – people are being shot, people are being stabbed and people are having acid thrown in their faces.”


'We don't live in a perfect world' 

Mr Brennan added that there is always a chance "pedestrians will be injured", but that Police pursuit drivers are the "highest quality drivers in Britain". 

“Police pursuit drivers are the highest quality drivers in Britain. You cannot get better.

“They do all the practising before they are given Class-1 certificates.

“Yes, there are some critics that will say pedestrians will be injured.

“One of the concerns when we ‘nudge’ them is about what area we are in. We will look at the safeguards.”

He added: “With moped drivers, now the public wants us to do something about it and we are doing something about it.

“We will choose the appropriate time to nudge that individual off their moped and if we feel the public are in danger, we won’t do it.

“There is always a chance, because we don’t live in a perfect world, that a member of the public may be injured or worse.

“It is not our first choice, or even any choice that we would want. The choice is that we either, protect society and challenge those that break the law, or we give up.”


'Criminals are not above the law' 

The Shadow Home Secretary attacked the police for their tactic of “knocking people off bikes” to tackle moped crime.

She wrote on Tuesday: “Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law.”

However, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan rejected the cristicism by Labour members, saying "risk-assessed tactical contact" is "exactly what we need".

He wrote on Twitter: "Risk-assessed tactical contact is exactly what we need. Criminals are not above the law."