Diego Maradona: the musical receives criticism as it opens in Naples

Show based on Diego Maradona's life receives criticism

A performance about Diego Maradona's life has received criticism

Monday, January 16, 2017

A musical performance based on the life of Diego Maradona has received criticism from the artistic community.

Entitled Three times 10, the one-night show which is being put on at Naples' Teatro di San Carlo sold out within just a few hours, despite some tickets costing €350 (£307), France 24 said.

However leading composer Roberto De Simone said: "The San Carlo has a rich history, it has welcomed the greatest singers and orchestras. There is music, opera and ballet, it is not the place for football. It is totally inappropriate."

But Maradona has ignored the criticism of the show and said: "It's very emotional to see how much love there is for me.

"I have seen young people who weren't even born when I was playing cry because they had a photo with me."

His fans continue to show strong support for the former football player as fans visited the hotel he was staying at, chanting "Ho visto Maradona" which means 'I saw Maradona.' In response he blew kisses from his window.

The show which will be performed tonight (Monday), will include recitals, songs, images and video. It will also feature other players who have worn number 10 in Italian leagues.