Digital stalkers are being left free to plague youngsters, says Netmums editor Jo Wheatley

Children's commissioner report shows 'digital stalkers are left free to plague youngsters', says Netmums Associate Editor Jo Wheatley

Children are increasingly having to fend for themselves online, according to a new report

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The associate editor for the Netmums website says "digital stalkers" are being left free to plague youngsters online after a report found children are having to fend for themselves on the web.

The report by the Children's Commissioner for England found that children are not being prepared for dangers online, such as bullying and grooming. 

The report detailed how children were being "left to learn about the internet on their own" as parents entertained a hope they would profit from the opportunities it brings, whilst avoiding the dangers at the same time. 

Jo Wheatley, of Netmums, said the report showed a major gap in knowledge in how to deal with the dangers of the internet. 

She said: "It’s been likened to dropping off your child in a strange place late at night without knowing who they're meeting.

"This report shows digital stalkers are left free to plague youngsters. There’s a gap in what parents and kids know, but the kids aren’t equipped enough.

"You need to police the time children spend online and know what they’re looking at. It's up to parents to become more educated about online safety.”