Director of Fertility Centre on baby gender selection: ‘This is about desire, rather than a medical need’

Director of Fertility Centre on baby gender selection: ‘This about desire, rather than a medical need’

Monday, October 8, 2018

Sue Avery, Director of Birmingham Women’s Fertility Centre has said that gender selection by parents was about "desire", not medical need. 

Ms Avery told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham and Daisy McAndrew: “You have to understand that you are effectively using medicine for something that has nothing to do with medicine.

“This has more to do with a desire, rather than a need.”

This comes as the Daily Mail revealed that an NHS consultant has been charging couples to help choose the sex of their baby, despite gender selection being illegal in the UK.

They set up initial appointments at private clinics in the UK because recommending centres abroad for the procedure.

The Daily Mail said their investigation suggests hundreds of British couples are choosing the sex of their child this way, and they pay up to £14,000 for the procedure.


‘Satisfy the whim of an individual’

Ms Avery added: “It comes back to the slippery slope argument. If you can choose the gender of your baby for non-medical reasons, then what is next?

“The idea really was to make sure the technology, which was developed for medical reasons to prevent disease, should be used to prevent disease not to satisfy the whim of an individual who wants to have a particular type of child.”

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority last night launched an investigation, saying it would be extremely concerned by the promotion of the practice.

The chairman of the Royal College of GPs said this advice should 'set alarm bells ringing'.

Sex selection for social reasons is against the law in the UK under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act of 2008.