Disabled passenger claims he wasn't allowed on Air India flight because of his electric wheelchair

Disabled passenger claims he wasn't allowed on Air India flight over wheelchair

A disabled passenger has criticised Air India

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A disabled passenger has claimed Air India stopped him from boarding a flight simply because of his wheelchair.

Kaushik Majumdar says he was planning on travelling from Bengaluru to Kolkata on Sunday (December 17), according to India Times.

He told The Hindu his wheelchair is electric and has a dry battery. The man claims he was given a boarding pass and was able to get through security and travel on a bus to the plane before he encountered a problem.

Majumdar said: "Right before entering the plane, the ground staff stopped me and asked me to shift to a non-electrical wheelchair, which I agreed to."

But even after he agreed to the change, he was still allegedly told he could not board the plane.

Air India has denied that this happened and claimed the electric wheelchair was not allowed on the aircraft due to possible security complications.

The airline also says the man was informed of these rules when he checked in and had agreed that he would continue without the electric wheelchair at the time, before refusing when it came to boarding the plane.