Disabled protestors fined by police for blocking road in Israel

Disabled protestors fined by police for blocking road in Israel

Protests have previously take place on Israel's roads as shown here

Monday, September 25, 2017

Disabled protestors obstructing traffic on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway whilst calling for better disability benefits have been fined by police today (September 25).

Fines were given after the police announced that they wouldn't tolerate road blocks caused by protestors, according to The Times of Israel.

Those campaigning are asking for their monthly allowance to correlate to the minimum wage.

The current benefit is linked to the consumer price index, which doesn't rise as quickly as the minimum wage.

Fines per person amounted to (£104) for "disturbing the peace." Traffic travelling on route one was blocked and had to be diverted to route three.

The police claim that they warned protest leaders about the fines on Sunday (September 24), when protestors had blocked the Ayalon freeway in Tel Aviv.

However, an organiser has said protests will continue in the road anyway.

Protestor Ofer Sofer was quoted by Israeli TV network Channel 2 as saying: “We decided to intensify the roadblocks and to carry out more severe measures than the ones we used so far."

Sofer went on to say that protestors will block police stations if officers decide to arrest campaigners so they cannot do their jobs.