Disputed 'Picasso' painting sells for £8,000 at auction

It is disputed whether the painting is an authentic Picasso

Friday, June 7, 2019

A painting thought to be a genuine Picasso with an estimated value of £1 million has sold at auction for just £8,000.

Antiques collector Philip Stapleton bought the painting for £230 from a car boot sale because he liked the picture, but was later told by auctioneers at Brighton and Hove Auction House that it could be an authentic piece by Pablo Picasso worth considerably more.

However, master forger David Henty, who has made a living from copying famous artwork, claimed the painting was his.

"If it was genuine it would be worth more than a million," Mr Henty told talkRADIO back in May.

Mr Henty says the faux Picasso was created around three years ago and "wasn't worth that much money".

However, announcing the lot at today's auction, the auctioneer said Mr Henty's claim had been "completely and utterly blown out of the water".

"We have done loads and loads of research and I would like to note that claims of it being done by that forger Mr Henty is completely and utterly blown out of the water," he said.

"We had a guy who brought in earlier this week a receipt from 2006, so it has been totally refuted."

"These don't come along very often guys," the auctioneer added.

The painting had an estimated value of £60,000 to £70,000 on the Brighton and Hove Auction House website.

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