Do you think Porky's 'exhibitionist' marriage proposal is best?

Victoria wasn't over-impressed with Mike's idea

Victoria gave Mike some invaluable tips today

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mike Parry got some engagement tips on today's show from none other than talkRADIO newsreader Victoria Bourne.

Parry revealed that, if he were to meet the girl of his dreams, he'd propose in a truly spectacular way.

He said: "I'd get the plane up in the air with the trailing banner.

"Say the girl's name is Trudy. The banner would say 'Trudy, will you marry me'.

"I'd do that over a football ground, because I'm an exhibitionist and I'd like it to be different."

Victoria's response to Porky's proposal masterplan was mixed, but she nonetheless imparted some generous words of wisdom which could one day prove invaluable to our presenter.

See the video below and see if you agree: