Doctor on new NHS ‘friendly’ language: ‘I don’t want to see words like poo and pee’

Doctor on new NHS ‘friendly’ language: ‘I don’t want to see words like poo and pee’

Monday, March 18, 2019

Dr Laurence Gerlis has dismissed the NHS push to use more ‘user-friendly’ language on its website, saying that he does not want medical terms to be replaced with words “like poo and pee”.

The word nausea has been replaced by “feeling sick”, and the term haemorrhage is to be referred to as a “very heavy bleed”.

The NHS aims to make NHS leaflets and their website more patient-friendly by September 2020.



Dr Gerlis, a GP from Same Day Doctor told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “I don’t want to see the words poo and pee instead of the medical terms.

“Health education is not the issue, we need to find a way to motivate patients. My way is to treat people as individuals not as a mass in society.”

The GP suggested that the NHS should spend more time “streamlining” the healthcare system so that patients spent less time waiting for an appointment.

“We know that if people book a week in advance, they are less likely to turn up because they are either better or they have gone somewhere else,” he said.

“They are not turning up because they have to book four weeks in advance.”

He added: “Let’s streamline the system so people aren’t queuing up in the doctor’s surgery. It is so sad especially when people are sitting there for hours.

“In this modern day and age, there must be a better way of doing it.”