Dominic Cummings: Mike Graham rips up three papers

Monday, May 25, 2020

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham has condemned the Guardian, the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail for their headline criticism of Dominic Cummings following his alleged breach of lockdown.

This morning the Guardian criticised Boris Johnson for defending his aide’s actions and bore the headline “No apology, no explanation: PM bets all on Cummings”.

Meanwhile, the Mirrorr referred to Mr Cummings as a “cheat” and said Mr Johnson was “a coward” and the Mail asked: “What planet are they on?”

Mike said the criticism was a “disgrace” as he angrily tore up all three papers live on air.

Speaking to Henry Hill, Assistant Editor at Conservative Home, the talkRADIO presenter said: “I can’t believe the state of the nation we now live in.”

“I used to believe that we were not tribal, that we were not pathetic, that we were not Lefties who are absolutely hellbent on doing over the result of an election and the result of a referendum just because we hate one man,” he added.

Mr Cummings has faced a fierce backlash for having travelled 260 miles from London to Durham to self-isolate with family last month.

The Prime Minister has insisted that Mr Cummings’ trip was within the law but critics on the opposition, as well as some Conservative backbenchers, have called for the adviser to step down from his position.

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