Dominic Grieve: Deal is just beginning of ‘years of negotiation’

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dominic Grieve has said Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is “not the end of anything” and instead marks the beginning of “years of negotiation”.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Ian Collins, the former Attorney General said: “It’s the start of an extremely complicated and actually much more difficult negotiation than under Theresa May’s deal because if there is to be a future relationship with the EU, there are going to be more obstacles in the way of bringing it about.”

Among other points, the new deal sees that Northern Ireland remains aligned with single market regulations on goods but leaves the customs union along with the rest of the UK.

The Prime Minister says that it allows Britain to “take back control”.

Mr Grieve now stands as an independent MP after he was one of 21 colleagues ousted from the Conservative Party for voting against the government to push through legislation aimed at preventing no deal.

Asked whether he would back the deal when it is presented to Parliament on Saturday, the MP for Beaconsfield maintained his position that his support would require a second referendum.

The Prime Minister today said he was “very confident” that parliamentarians would vote in favour of his agreement as he urged them to “come together and get this thing done”.

Mr Grieve disagreed: “I think irrespective of the way I vote, unless something very dramatic happend in next 48 hours, I think he will have difficulty getting this through House of Commons.

“There is a way in which he can get it through and that is to promise to take it back to the public and ask them, with the alternative of remain.”

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