Dominic Grieve: PM’s departure may not ‘make any difference’

Dominic Grieve: PM’s departure may not ‘make any difference’

Monday, April 15, 2019

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve has said that Theresa May stepping down as prime minister would not “make any difference” to the outcome of Brexit.

This comes after ERG member Andrew Bridgen said that he hoped the prime minister would resign by the end of April.  

Mr Grieve told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I have no desire to see the prime minister go sooner rather than later. The problem in my view is not the prime minister.

“The problem is inherent in the party failing to get to grips with the challenge that Brexit poses and finding an adequate solution.

“I am critical at times of the prime minister’s approach but I am not sure that her departure would make any difference.”

The former attorney general said that it was “no surprise” that the Conservative party was “haemorrhaging support”.

He added that the party does not have a “credible position” on Brexit, and that the "paralysing" of the government  has impacted the party's reputation.

“We should not be surprised that people go looking for an alternative and there is a risk of the party being squeezed by people going to vote for the Brexit party or for UKIP, but there is also a possibility of people going to the new ChangeUK party,” he said.

“It is a challenge but it is not an impossible challenge to address if we got our act together.”

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