Dominic Grieve: 'We will not be leaving the EU on March 29'

Dominic Grieve

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dominic Grieve has revealed he would be "astonished" if the UK was prepared to leave the EU on March 29, even if a deal had been secured.

Appearing on the breakfast show, the former attorney general told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the country was "running out of time" to prepare for Brexit day.

"I think we will not be leaving on the March 29 at 11pm, and I say that because even if the Prime Minister were to get her deal approved by Parliament - say in a fortnight or three weeks - I would be astonished if we can then carry out all the necessary legislative measures before we go," Grieve said.



"It was something I asked the Prime Minister yesterday. She was insistent we would be leaving on March 29. I'm not sure how she feels that can be achieved."

Yesterday Theresa May addressed the House of Commons, announcing that a meaningful vote on her deal would happen "when we achieve the progress we need" in negotiations with the EU.

"It feels to me that we're running out of time to put everything in place in order to go on the 29th," Grieve added.


'Hold a referendum and go to the public'

People's Vote campaigners in Westminster. Image: Getty

The Conservative MP for Beaconsfield suggested a so-called 'People's Vote' on the deal Ms May puts forward after further EU talks.

"My argument for extending Article 50 would be to hold a referendum and go to the public and ask them if they wanted to leave on the Prime Minister's deal or on the alternative of remaining," he said.

"A longer extension might be possible from the EU but we would firstly have to ask for it."