Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway tears into Hillary Clinton over election loss explanation

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

One of Donald Trump's senior advisors has ripped into Hillary Clinton over the latter's explanation for why she lost last year's US presidential election. 

The former Democratic nominee made a rare public appearance on Tuesday, where she attributed her loss to intervention by "outside forces."

Specifically, Clinton was said to have blamed alleged Russian hacking, as well as the announcement made by FBI director James Comey of the email hacking investigation being re-opened, 11 days before the vote was due to take place. 

However this prompted incredulity of Conway, who quickly took to Twitter to blast Clinton for the remarks:

In the tweet, Trump's advisor said the main reason why Clinton had lost was mistakes made during her campaign. 

In a sarcastic sign-off, she said the tweet came from "Woman in the White House."

Trump supporters have also dismissed the remarks as a sign of Clinton's supposed resentment towards the average American.