Donald Trump advisors claim Paris, Nice and Berlin terror attacks were 'under-reported' - despite blanket global coverage

White House releases error-filled list of 'under-reported' terror attacks media to support Donald Trump's claim

The White House has backed Donald Trump's claim the media 'under-reported' a wide range of terror attacks

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The White House has released a list of supposedly 'under-reported' terror attacks to support Donald Trump's claim that the media deliberately ignores terror attacks. 

The press release came after Mr Trump told military leaders in Florida yesterday (Monday) that terrorist incidents in Europe didn't receive coverage because of "dishonesty" in the press. 

The list has sparked a backlash because of a series of notable errors. 

Namely, that many attacks on it - the Paris attacks, the lorry attack in Nice on Bastille Day (July 14) last year, the Isis shooting in Sousse, and the truck incident in Berlin - received widespread coverage in western media at the time of their occurrence. 

Political analysts in the US have condemned the list, pointing out the San Bernardino shootings in California, also on the list, were reported globally and that it seeks to undermine the media by claiming it serves its own political agenda. 

See the full list here: