Donald Trump appoints former WWE boss Linda McMahon as small business tsar

US Senate confirms former wrestling executive Linda McMahon will head Small Business Administration

Linda McMahon will head the Small Business Administration

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The US Senate has confirmed that former professional wrestling boss Linda McMahon will head up America's Small Business Administration.

McMahon, whose appointment was approved  by a margin of 81 votes to 19, will be tasked with running a key business department which provides loans and counselling to small firms.

Alongside her husband Vince, McMahon ran the World Wrestling Federation (later World Wrestling Entertainment), turning the pro wrestling business into a billion-dollar multinational enterprise and one of the world's biggest entertainment brands. 

However the organisation, which turned Hulk Hogan and Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson into household names, was dogged by allegations of steroid abuse among its athletes as well as accusations that it portrayed its female characters in an overtly sexist way.

New US President Donald Trump enjoyed several cameo roles on the WWE show, even brawling with Vince McMahon on one occasion.

In 2009 Linda McMahon stepped down from her role with the WWE to run for political office, but was unsuccessful. She has recently been advising businesses as part of APCO Worldwide's International Advisory Council.

McMahon is also a co-founder and CEO of Women's Leadership LIVE LLC, a company who run events to encourage women to start their own businesses.