Donald Trump attacked over climate change stance after Hurricane Irma

News outlets attack Donald Trump over climate change stance because of Hurricane Irma

The President came under fire before and after the storm made landfall for his stance

Monday, September 11, 2017

A host of news outlets are attacking Donald Trump over his position on climate change in the wake of Hurricane Irma. 

The storm has weakened as it moves north along the west coast of Florida, but it has still created devastation in its wake

The hurricane - which became the strongest Atlantic storm on record when it blitzed the Caribbean last week - has killed at least four people and left millions without power in Florida. 

With the damage reports rising, a number of media outlets have called out Donald Trump's position on climate change. 

The US President has long said climate change is a hoax, and recently pulled the US out of an international agreement made in Paris to combat it. 

The Daily Beast has claimed he has not faced any questions about the topic, even as a trio of hurricanes - Irma, Katia, and Jose - became potential threats to America. 

Just prior to the storm making landfall in Florida, the mayor of Miami, Tomas Regalado, told the Miami Herald that if Irma wasn't evidence of climate change, he wasn't sure what was. 

A commentary section for The Guardian says the impact of two major storms making landfall in the United States - Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida - will force the Trump administration to reconsider its stance on climate change. 

As of yet, neither the President nor his team has responded to the attacks.