Donald Trump to be burned in effigy as part of bonfire night celebrations

Giant effigy of Donald Trump to be burned as part of bonfire night celebrations

Donald Trump effigy

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A giant effigy of Donald Trump will be burned this weekend as part of bonfire night celebrations.

The 36-foot steel-framed model will be set alight in Edenbridge, Kent, just days before the US presidential election.

The effigy of Trump sees him wearing shorts bearing images of Mexican men, and he is also holding the head of Hillary Clinton.

It will be stuffed with fireworks and newspapers soaked in oil, to be torched on Saturday.

Edenbridge Bonfire Society spokesman Jeni Fox said: "We are literally helping Trump to live out his own catchphrase 'burn it down' by exploding the 11-metre effigy as the opening act for our fireworks display."

Local residents had the chance to vote on a number of potential effigies, including Sir Philip Green, Sam Allardyce, Boris Johnson and Honey G.

Last year a model of Fifa president Sepp Blatter was burned at the bonfire night celebrations.

Edenbridge Bonfire Society have been lighting a huge effigy every year for 20 years, alongside the traditional figure of Guy Fawkes.