Donald Trump Congress speech was his most positive address ever, says commentator

Donald Trump Congress speech: 'real test is when positive rhetoric meets political reality,' says commentator Bill Bernard

Donald Trump gave a key address to the house of Congress today

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A leading political commentator has said Donald Trump's speech to Congress was the most positive he has ever given - despite criticism in some quarters.

Mr. Trump, addressing the US legislature for the first time, sparked groans among Democrats by announcing a new department to investigate and publish details of immigrant crimes.

However other parts of the speech, which prompted a "renewal of the American spirit" and a "new chapter of American greatness" were better-received, and commentator Bill Barnard said it was far more upbeat than his previous addresses - but this isn't saying much. 

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: The positive reviews he’s getting are in part from the low expectations and indeed the fears Congress had ahead of the speech.

"It’ll give him a much needed bump in the popularity polls, but the real test comes when the positive rhetoric meets political reality.

"We’ve yet to see how he’s going to handle Obamacare, the tax reform, deregulation, increased infrastructure spending - this [infrastructure spending] would normally have the support of the Democrats depending on how it’s structured and how it’s financed."

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