'Donald Trump could snap and attack North Korea just to massage his ego'

North Korea: ''Donald Trump could reach breaking point and attack North Korea to satisfy his ego'

Donald Trump previously threatened North Korea

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The greatest unknown surrounding tensions with North Korea is whether Donald Trump will reach breaking point and decide to attack with the military, according to a security lecturer. 

North Korea's foreign minister Ri Yong-ho has said that Donald Trump's speech to the UN sounded like a "barking dog." The US President had said that he would "totally destroy" the country if it threatened America or its allies. 

Dr Chris Ogen, a senior lecturer in Asian Security, told Sam Delaney: "I still think the greatest unknown is probably really the American leader and whether he might reach some kind of breaking point where he thinks 'there’s no way I can win this without doing it militarily.'

"He wants to win, he doesn't want to lose. He wants to be seen as successful and I think he’s up against an enemy that really will just rile him and rile him."

He believes "even though it might seem as though, for us, it’s not a very good end game to wipe out North Korea, for him mentally and egotistically that might be something that he desires."

Ogden added that it is thought North Korea is economically "almost constantly on the brink of falling apart so trying to prevent any kind of disaster where that would happen is in everybody’s interests."

He also said North Korea will keep responding to the US to show it is "standing up", because "they have to show that they still think they have some kind of power" for its domestic audience and Trump is doing the same thing. 

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