'Donald Trump could use his power to punish critical journalists - and that's completely undemocratic'

Donald Trump press conference 'showed how combative he can be', says commentator

Donald Trump hit out at CNN and Buzzfeed over the 'Russia dossier' yesterday

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A commentator has expressed his concern at Donald Trump's behaviour in a press conference because of the potential implications for democracy, suggesting the American President-elect could punish unfavourable journalists when he enters the Oval Office.

Yesterday (Wednesday), the president-elect met members of the media at Trump Tower to condemn the release of a dossier which contained unverified claims the Russians have compromising information on him. 

Trump blasted the dossier as fake, and also lambasted CNN - who originally broke the story - and Buzzfeed - who published the documents. 

On Twitter, he'd blamed US intelligence services for 'leaking' the dossier - comparing them to Nazi Germany. 

Jack Graham, a commentator on US politics, expressed his concern at this. 

He told Paul Ross: "Before he's even taken over, he's having public fights with intelligence agencies - especially considering one of them has said the allegations are completely untrue. 

"A comparison with Nazi Germany is also quite bizarre, and he's got a lot of ground to make up there. 

"The other interesting thing was the suggestion Buzzfeed would 'suffer the consequences'. The suggestion that different media organations on Trump's side, they'll get good access, and if they're not and do the wrong thing by investigating anything negative against him.

"I worry that he'll use that to push and reject different organisations, which is complely undemocratic."