Donald Trump is darkening the world's Disney-fied view of America, says travel expert

'The more Donald Trump expresses himself, the more US tourism could decrease', says travel writer

Some have blamed Donald Trump for a decrease in tourism

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The more Donald Trump expresses himself, the more tourism will be affected negatively in the US, a travel writer has said.

The UN World Tourism Organisation has said Spain is to replace America as the world's second-most popular tourism destination, leaving France in top spot. Some have blamed this on people's dislike for Trump.

Travel writer Lisa Francesca Nand told Jamie East and Saira Khan: "The more he...sort of expresses himself and tweets and that sort of thing he's certainly not getting any favours in terms of tourism."

She thinks we see the US "as this lovely 'Disneyfied' place and this place that's easy to get around and not too expensive, but there is a dark side [such as shootings] and maybe the more he harps on and creates a negative image the more we'll start to see that."

However she added: "America is still a wonderful place and a lot of people will go there regardless of the politics."

Nand also thinks "in real terms [Spain is] still actually quite cheap so it makes sense that it’s become number two over America" despite the slump in the pound.

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