Donald Trump is a disgrace to the world, says Muslim leader after Jayda Fransen retweet

Donald Trump retweeted a graphic video earlier today

Donald Trump retweeted a graphic video earlier today

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

British Imam Ajmal Masroor has excoriated Donald Trump for retweeting a graphic video from far-right politician Jayda Fransen, saying "he's a disgrace to the world and certainly a disgrace to Americans."

Ajmal Masroor spoke to talkRADIO hours after Trump retweeting a series of videos posted by Fransen, one of which purportedly showed a Muslim mob pushing a man off a roof. Fransen herself earlier told us the tweet was "fantastic" for her and her group.

Masroor told our reporter Alex Dibble he was "disgusted" and "absolutely appalled" that the leader of the world's most powerful country is such a "narrow-minded, Islamophobic bigot".

"You can't get any more despicable than that," he added. "He's supposed to be a leader of a free country. What's the difference between him and the fascists and the real murderers who kill people because they're different?

"A president should be welcoming, inclusive and most sensitive as to what he says."

Masroor added that the Trump retweet triggered memories of "the murder of Jo Cox," adding that Trump himself should join Britain First and become its official spokesman.

Turning to Fransen and the Britain First message, Trump said: "If these Britain First ignorant people are to attribute violence of the world to Islam, then they don't know the very basics of Islam.

"Islam proposes that the world should live in fairness, in justice, in harmony and together, in a peaceful environment, and does everything possible to ensure that its followers and everyone else around are peaceful around.

"It is Britain First that is violent."

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