Donald Trump dossier: A Hollywood screenwriter couldn't create these crises, says transition team member

Donald Trump dossier: 'an Academy Award-winning screenwriter couldn't create' these 'twists and turns', says transition team member

Donald Trump at a rally in Florida

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A member of Donald Trump's transition team has said the current situation is so surreal it couldn't be envsioned by "an Academy Award-winning screenwriter."

The President-elect met the media at Trump Tower in a highly publicised press conference yesterday (Wednesday), where he blasted the allegations contained in a dossier which had been reported on by the press. 

Mr. Trump lambasted CNN and Buzzfeed, the latter of whom published the documents with the unverified allegations that Russia had compromising information on him.

He refused to take questions from a CNN journalist at the conference, and also called Buzzfeed a "failing pile of garbage".  He also reiterated his accusation security services might have leaked the document to the press, which they have denied. 

Jan Halper-Hayes, who represents Republicans Overseas and is a member of the President-elect's transition team, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Trump will be able to "restructure the intelligence serves to be fit for purpose", while calling the situation "unbelievable".

She said: "I don’t even think an academy award screenwriter could create this, the twists and turns are unbelievable. There’s always a crisis coming up.

“The bottom line is that in any which way, people are trying to delegitimise the fact that he won, that there are a lot of people want him to make changes in our Government.

"They don’t fuss over how he behaves, whether he was presidential enough. The fact of it is, there are some changes which need to happen and he’ll act on them."