Donald Trump election win: Being right sucks, says Bart in new Simpsons episode

The Simpsons air episode reacting to successful prediction of Donald Trump's presidency

A promo released on Twitter. The blackboard reads "Being Right Sucks" (Credit: Twitter: @TheSimpsons)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Iconic cartoon The Simpsons has referenced its own prescience regarding Donald Trump's ascent to the US pfresidency.

Sixteen years ago, The Simpsons predicted that Mr Trump would run for presidency, with Lisa Simpson taking over residency in the White House from the businessman.

Last week, a casual, offhand comedy joke became reality when Donald Trump was voted in as president-elect, and scenes from the episode in 2000 were eerily similar to how they played out in real life.

As the world dealt with the fallout of the impending Trump administration, the series' main character Homer Simpson featured on the front page of The Sun newspaper. 

Now, The Simpsons themselves have addressed the prediction in their latest episode, having released a promo on Twitter. In the short clip which shows the opening blackboard sequence, Bart Simpson can be seen writing: "Being right sucks."

Watch the clip here