Donald Trump faces fresh firestorm after telling Emmanuel Macron's wife: 'You're in such great shape'

Donald Trump tells Emmanuel Macron's wife: 'You're in such great shape'

The US president is on an official visit to France

Friday, July 14, 2017

Donald Trump probably feels the world's against him at the moment. Even when he gives someone a compliment, it backfires.

Although, to be fair, the US President was certainly running a risk when he complimented the wife of French leader Emmanuel Macron on her body.

Trump and his wife are on an official visit to France, and have been welcomed by French leader Emmanuel Macron and his wife. 

A video has surfaced of part of the visit, filmed as the presidential couple were on a tour of Les Invalides in Paris.

Trump is heard telling the 64-year-old that she was "in such great shape" - a comment which he probably thought was going to go down well, but has prompted a fresh blizzard of criticism.

The Republican billionaire, who has faced scrutiny over his previous comments about women, repeated the comment to Emmanuel Macron, before turning back to his wife and calling her "beautiful."

One user on Twitter compared Donald Trump's tone to that of a man "admiring a race horse" - and this sort of sentiment was repeated by several other users. We have to say, we found the comment ever so slightly creepy at talkRADIO towers.

See the clip here.