'Donald Trump is the fountain of youth which is spewing testosterone everywhere'

Expert explains how Clinton's campaign mistakes could result in Donald Trump's election

Donald Trump (Getty)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Political commentator Charlie Wolf says Donald Trump looks like a "fountain of youth" next to Hillary Clinton and he could profit from the "faltering" health of her campaign.

The Democratic candidate has recovered from the bout of pneumonia which saw her collapse as she left an event in New York City, and returned to the campaign trail today. 

However Trump has made frequent reference to the candidates' health following Clinton's collapse, and suggested they both disclose their medical records. Today the Republican's doctor declared he was "in excellent health."

Wolf argued that Clinton's health will continue to be an issue for wider reasons, which could give Trump the election.

"The health of her campaign seems to be faltering now," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "If her campaign team had said on Friday she'd come down with pneumonia, it would have lessoned the meme of a lady being very secretive and even somewhat nasty. 

"Meanwhile, Donald Trump is the fountain of youth which is spewing testosterone everywhere.

"Trump's thumbing his nose at it, and it seems to be working. I think he can win this now."