Donald Trump has blamed the microphones for 2005 'p***y' comments

Donald Trump has blamed the microphones for his 2005 video tape comments

Donald Trump

Friday, October 28, 2016

Donald Trump has so many (*cough* i.e none *cough*) problems with microphones.

In the first debate, he blamed the microphone for the fact that commentators everywhere ruled that he'd lost, but the Republican candidate has taken the cake with his latest claim. 

In an interview which aired yesterday on global Catholic network ETWN, he blamed the microphones used by Access Hollywood for catching the lewd remarks he made in a video tape in 2005. 

You know, the one where he talks about just kissing women, and "grabbing them by the p****"? The recording made public just before the second debate, which has been the core of the candidate's biggest problems these last few weeks? The one that Trump dismissed as “locker room talk”? Yeah, that one.

His campaign has sufffered massively because of this, numerous people withdrawing their support for him, but he appears unrepentant.

He told the network: "The microphones, I mean to be honest should, you know, should never have been on.”

Trump's campaign for the US Presidency continues to suffer, with Hillary Clinton building a commanding lead in the polls as America waits to vote on November 8.