Donald Trump has blown the election with un-American rigging claims, says Jerry Springer

'The election is already over as Donald Trump's comments are disqualifying and un-American', says Jerry Springer

The final presidential debate took place last night (Getty)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jerry Springer has revealed that he believes the US presidential election is already over, as Donald Trump's comments on election rigging are “disqualifying” and “un-American.”

Last night the final presidential debate took place between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with Trump refusing to commit to accepting the result of the election if he loses.

He told moderator Chris Wallace, "I will tell you at the time [whether I will accept it or not]." He has previously claimed that the election is rigged

talkRADIO presenter Springer, one of the world's most famous talk show hosts, told James Max: "I think the election is now over.

"It probably was over before tonight's debate, but it's pretty hard not to understand that what Donald Trump said is a disqualifying statement, it is the most un-American thing you could possibly say.

"To have a major party candidate to actually stand up before the world and basically say that he believes that American democracy is fraudulent, that it's rigged, that he may not accept the results, good lord what's he suggesting - that there will be a coup if he doesn't accept the results? What's he going to do, try to overthrow the government?

"What he needed to do is expand his vote in this debate, but what he was doing in the debate was only great for the people that are already with him.

"There certainly are people that really dislike Clinton, but it's certainly not a majority of the American people, and it's a different level. No-one questions her fitness for office, no-one's going to sleep at night going 'I can't fall asleep, she used the wrong email server.'"

Springer also discussed the 25th anniversary of his TV show, listen to the full interview above to find out more