'Donald Trump has crossed a line' over his response to Charlottesville, says politics expert

'Donald Trump has crossed a line' over his response to Charlottesville, says international politics professor

Scott Lucas spoke to Julia about the President's reaction to Virginia

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A leading Professor of International Politics has claimed Donald Trump "crossed a line" over his response to Charlottesville. 

The US President was highly criticised over his response to the incident where one woman died after a car was driven into crowds protesting a far-right gathering. He spoke of violence "on all sides" and didn't single out white supremacy. 

Since Monday, a number of people on high-profile committees have resigned over the President's response, including Kenneth Frazer - the chief executive of pharmaceutical company Merck - who Trump later attacked on Twitter. 

While Trump gave a response to specifically condemn white supremacy on Monday, Scott Lucas - who works for the University of Birmingham - said it was "too little, too late, halfhearted", and completely overshadowed by his attack on Frazer. 

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "What does he do now to get political legitimacy? I think he’s crossed the line here. 

"Many Republicans were sticking with him despite the Russia investigation, despite not getting healthcare through, the issues with getting a budget through, the crazy statements he’s made in the past.

"But when you see people on American streets with Swastikas, when you see them do basically the ‘Heil Trump’ salute after ‘Heil Hitler’...

"When you see one of them ram a car into a crowd, killing a woman and injuring 19, and the president does not respond to any of those images....

"It’s the symbolic moment that I think may resonate in America - amidst other matters - in the months to come."

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