Donald Trump has a gift like Muhammad Ali, says US journalist

Donald Trump continues to cause controversy with his Twitter comments

Donald Trump seen here answering questions in Palm Beach, Florida in December 2016

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A prominent American political journalist has likened Donald Trump to Muhammad Ali on Julia Hartley-Brewer's show this morning.

Julia asked why the US President-elect continues to use Twitter to make sweeping foreign policy statements after Trump criticised both China and North Korea on the social media platform.

Wolf joked that the UN will now have to debate expanding Twitter's character limit to 141, to accommodate Trump's signature exclamation marks, but said it was great that the Republican billionaire can get his message across so succinctly.

He added that Trump breaks all the rules just like legendary boxer Ali, and we should accept it as it works for him.

Looking back on 2016, Wolf said he had a great year as both of the big events - the UK referendum and the US presidential election - played out as he wanted.

Listen to the interview above.