Donald Trump has hit a new low - says Richard Nixon lawyer jailed for Watergate

Richard Nixon lawyer blasts Donald Trump for 'new low' in sacking Sally Yates

Sally Yates was dismissed after refusing to back the President's immigration ban

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

As if things weren't bad enough for Donald Trump, now he's being criticised by the lawyer who worked for Richard Nixon and played a key role in the Watergate scandal.

John Dean laid into Mr Trump for his executive order banning travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries and his subsequent firing of Attorney-General Sally Yates.

Dean accused Mr Trump of hitting a "new low" - joining the millions of people who have upbraided the new US President for his conduct.

However Dean might not be everyone's idea of a sound judge of presidential conduct. He served as Nixon's lawyer during his ill-fated presidency and played a heavy role in the Watergate scandal.

Dean gave key testimony to investigators as a star witness, notably admitting to organising hush money for the burglers who broke into the Watergate building. He was subsequently jailed.

See the tweet below:

You can read the White House's statement on Sally Yates here.