'Donald Trump has shown himself to be cold-hearted and moronic with David Johnson comment'

Donald Trump: 'Phone call scandal will hit his supporters in a way others have not'

Donald Trump has been accused of being disrespectful

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Even fans of Donald Trump will find claims about his insensitivity towards a widow "icky" as he allegedly didn't meet "even the lowest possible standards of acceptable conduct."

That's according to Karin Robinson, former UK vice-chair of Democrats Abroad, who was speaking about allegations that Trump was insensitive towards a widow of a US soldier.

The mother of the soldier, Sgt La David Johnson, claimed Trump told his widow that her son "knew what he was signing up for." This has been corroborated by congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who claims she witnessed the remark, although Trump has denied making this comment.

Robinson told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I think at quite a visceral level this will hit home to Americans in a way that other Trump scandals have perhaps not.

"Most Americans, including most Americans, who voted for Donald Trump, find [the comment] icky, it makes our skin crawl" and "even people who might previously have been great fans of Donald Trump, I think will stop and think long and hard about whether this behaviour is appropriate."

She believes "the minimum acceptable standard of a President of the United States, indeed of any American citizen, is humility and respect and honour in the face of that sacrifice so he’s failed to meet even the lowest possible standards of acceptable conduct."

Robinson also claims "he himself raised the topic [of Presidents calling bereaved families and falsely claimed other Presidents had not done so] apparently as far as I can tell as a way of distracting [from] what has actually happened with the incident in the first place.

"Once again the President of the United States has demonstrated himself to be the cold-hearted, rather morally empty and fairly moronic President​."

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