'Donald Trump has thrown fireball at Sadiq Khan to steal headlines from London terror victims'

'Donald Trump has thrown a verbal fireball about Sadiq Khan to make the headlines about himself and his measures'

Donald Trump made comments about Sadiq Khan (Stock image)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Donald Trump has thrown a verbal fireball about Sadiq Khan to steal the headlines away from London's terror attack victims, according to an international politics professor.

The US President criticised the London Mayor over comments he made after the London terror attack, calling him "pathetic" in his response to Saturday's atrocity.

Professor Scott Lucas told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Trump is guilty of callous insensitivty and inselfishness, as instead of letting Khan do his work, he wants the focus to instead fall on him - and measures like his travel ban - and to whip up a climate of fear to push his own legislation through. 

Trump, Lucas says, is in fact a man-child who reacts to the TV and he shouts like a child would, causing pain and instability.

Khan has called for Trump's state visit to the UK to be cancelled in light of his comments, and, after so many controversies, Lucas thinks he is unlikely to be coming to Britain any time soon.

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