Donald Trump has triggered the third American revolution, former US congressman Joe Walsh tells George Galloway

'We're in a middle of the third American revolution', says former US congressman

Donald Trump's travel ban is just one of several controversies to have already blighted his presidency

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

America is going through a third revolution under Donald Trump, a former US congressman claims.

Joe Walsh, who is now a hugely popular talkshow host, also told George Galloway that Mr Trump was sent to Washington to tear the establishment down and start again.

Mr Trump's brief tenure has already brought huge controversy, thanks to his incendiary travel ban and nomination of conservative justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Walsh believes the Trump era will prove as seismic as the American Revolution which brought independence from Britain in the 18th century, and any one of several subsequent events which have been dubbed the country's 'second revolution', such as the war against Britain in 1812 and the civil war of the 1860s.

Walsh said: “We are in for four years of protests and warfare. I have said for five years, we are gong through a third American revolution, I really believe that.

“Trump’s victory was a giant middle finger to the entire political establishment in this country," he added. “People sent Trump to DC literally to tear that place down and start over."

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