Donald Trump 'heard doing racist impression of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi'

Donald Trump 'heard doing racist impression of Indian Prime Minister'

Trump, seen here hosting Narendra Modi last year, has been accused of doing a racist impression of the Indian leader

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Donald Trump impersonates the Indian Prime Minister with an Indian accent, according to reports.

The claim was made by The Washington Post in an article about the US presence in Iraq.

It alleged senior officials in the administration have heard the US President using an Indian accent in an impression of Narendra Modi, whom he hosted at the White House last summer.

It is claimed he repeats what he was told last year by the Indian Prime Minister, which was "never has a country given so much away for so little in return” as the US in Afghanistan.

The alleged impression has been slammed as racism, according to Salon - piling further controversy on the embattled Republican billionaire.

Earlier this month it was claimed Trump had called African nations "s***hole countries” in front of senators.

Last year he also appeared to attempt a Puerto Rican accent in a speech about victims of a hurricane.

Recently a journalist claimed she tried to ask the President if he is racist, but was met with abuse from a pastor who was nearby.