Donald Trump insists he won the debate in bizarre 3am tweet

Donald Trump (Getty)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Some might suggest it's slightly desperate to go onto Twitter at 3am to big yourself up.

But, for Donald Trump, it clearly seemed a reasonable and justifiable thing to do.

The Republican presidential candidat sent a tweet upon arrival in Ohio proclaiming that he was "honored to win the final debate" and saying it was time to "#Draintheswamp"

The timestamp suggests the tweet was sending around 3.15am local time. The Donald certainly has form for sending bullish tweets late at night, but we suspect this was a little late even for him.

As evidence for his victory claim, Trump cited a mocked-up review poster containing percentages from a handful of US media outlets, all of which suggested he won the debate by a convincing margin.

Unfortunately for the billionaire property magnate it seems many people disagree with his claim about the outcome of last night's debate, with many suggesting the result of the election is now a foregone conclusion and Hillary Clinton sealed her victory with a commanding performance last night.

Although Clinton has had plenty of critics, Trump's repeated allegation of vote-rigging has caused widespread anger, with legendary talk-show host Jerry Springer telling talkRADIO this morning that the claims were "un-American" and they have already cost Trump the election.