Donald Trump issues new vote-rigging claim - and ruins it with glaring typo

The Democrats are making phony polls - according to Donald Trump

Donald Trump (Getty)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Someone's let Donald Trump on Twitter after midnight again. 

First he insists he won the final presidential debate. Now he's alleging that the Democrats are circulating phony polls to make it seem as though the Republican candidate's going to lose the upcoming election. 

The impact of the tweet would perhaps have been greater if Trump hadn't made a basic grammatical mistake, repeating the word 'the'. Maybe he was so angry he forgot to check what he'd written - or forgot the rules of grammar. The fact that he refers to himself as 'the Trump' doesn't exactly fill us with joy, either.

Of course this isn't the first time Trump has claimed the election is rigged in favour of the Democratic party and its candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Following the final presidential debate, he refused to commit to accepting the election results if they aren't in his favour. This claim led many to accuse him of trying to turn the election into a circus because he thinks he's lost.  

Trump's repeated allegation of vote-rigging has caused widespread fury, with legendary talk-show host Jerry Springer telling talkRADIO the claims alone will have cost Trump the election.