Donald Trump Jayda Fransen retweets: Partial blame lies with Muslims who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, says Islamic community leader

'Partial blame for Donald Trump problems lies with Muslims who didn't vote in election'

Donald Trump has retweeted a Britain First member's tweets

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Muslims in America who didn't vote in the US Presidential election are partly to blame for the issues now caused by Donald Trump being President.

That's according to Islamic community leader Ismael Lea South, director of The Salam Project which challenges stereotypes in the community and organises events for young people.

Yesterday (November 29) Donald Trump retweeted three controversial videos allegedly about Muslims from Britain First's deputy leader Jayda Fransen. Theresa May slammed this as "wrong" but Trump responded by saying she should focus on terrorism in the UK rather than himself.

South told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "There are many Muslims in America who never voted they took a stance whereby they said they’re not voting and I believe personally this is partially their fault for not voting."

He also explained why he thinks Trump's state visit to the UK should still go ahead, he claimed "we have to remember we’re going through Brexit and many jobs are reliant on Britain's relationship with America."

He thinks we need to show "him here how Britain is one of the best places for Muslims to be. Showing examples of how British Muslims engage with the wider society with the mainstream society, of course there’s issues around extremism.

"The only thing you can do with an ignorant person like [Trump] is try to educate him."

South also hit out at Nigel Farage as he claimed he should have been advising Trump and "he wasn’t really doing his job properly as well" because it appears as if he didn't adequately inform the President about Britain First.

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