Donald Trump Jr emails: This is starting to look like treason, says Julia

Julia Hartley-Brewer argues Donald Trump Jr's meeting with Russia was treason

Donald Trump Jr has released emails about a Russian meeting

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer says the evidence against Donald Trump is starting to appear "dodgy at best, treason at worst."

She was speaking after the President's son, Donald Trump Jr, released a trove of emails detailing plans for a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, where they were supposed to discuss damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Julia claimed: "There are more [Trump] meetings with Russian government members than I think [Vladmir] Putin has on an average weekday. It’s beginning to look like dodgy at best and possibly treason at worst.

"Whether or not this was a lie or not from the representative, the British PR guy who introduced them...working with a foreign government, an enemy government, that suggests to me treason."

But Molly Kiniry from Republicans Overseas argued: "I don’t think that that’s being seriously discussed at this point. Treason is a bit of a stretch."

She believes we must take into account the possibility that "as Donald Trump Jr has said the meeting didn’t prove fruitful, and [Donald Trump] possibly didn’t know anything. But I think, right now, it’s too early to speculate.

"I’m not entirely sure the intent was there. I think they genuinely might have bumbled into this."

But she also thinks "Trump’s family really should not have been so heavily involved in the campaign. They certainly shouldn't be so heavily involved in the White House. They should all be able to go back to their regular lives."

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