Donald Trump Jr: A history of disasters

Donald Trump Jr - A history of mistakes by Donald Trump's eldest son

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Only yesterday, Donald Trump Jr has plunged the White House into one of the fiercest storms it has seen since his father took office.

Emails showing the build-up to a meeting between Trump campaign officials and a lawyer associated with the Kremlin at Trump Tower were disclosed by the son of the US President. 

The content appears to show the Russian side clarifying its support for Trump and offering incriminating information on his former opponent. Trump Jr, who served as his father's campaign manager last year, says 'I love it' when offered the information, and agrees to the meeting despite his contact making clear that the lawyer is a government employee.

The emails sparked a political wildfire, and the White House is currently under political siege as Team Trump tries to keep a lid on the situation.

Yet one of the biggest questions in all this is how Donald Trump Jr came to occupy such an elevated position in the Trump machine. Yes, he's his father's son, but given his history of gaffes and own goals, one might have thought Trump Sr would have taken this key job out of the family.

Check out this handy timeline feature to see Trump Two's rap sheet. It doesn't make for pleasant reading if you're a Trump supporter (although given you're probably not, we're not going to worry about that too much).