Donald Trump Jr suspended from Twitter over Covid cure claim

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Donald Trump Jr has been suspended from Twitter for publishing a video suggesting an anti-malaria drug could fight coronavirus.

In the film, doctors claimed face masks were not necessary because “hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax” could cure the disease.

The US president's eldest son posted the clip, writing: “This is a must watch!!! So different from the narrative that everyone is running with.”

The social-media platform said he had breached its Covid-19 misinformation rules and banned him from posting, retweeting or liking for 12 hours.

Donald Trump has previously suggested hydroxychloroquine could be taken to fight the virus, though there is no medical evidence for the claim.

The president, who has used the drug, also found himself in hot water after he retweeted a post praising the viral video, which both Twitter and Facebook are now working to remove from their platforms.

Asked at a White House press conference to clarify his position on its efficacy, he said: “It’s safe, it doesn’t cause problems, I had absolutely no problem…I happen to think that it has an impact.”

Referring to the controversial video the Republican leader added: “For some reason the internet wanted to take them down and took them off…I don’t know why, I think they’re very respected doctors…maybe they had a good reason, maybe they didn’t, I don’t know.”

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