Donald Trump knows exactly what he's doing over China and Taiwan, transition team member insists

'Donald Trump is taking a stand against China', says transition team member

Donald Trump has spoken to Taiwan's president on the phone

Monday, December 5, 2016

Donald Trump's phone call with Taiwan’s president is a carefully planned move to "take a stand" against China, according to a member of the President-elect's transition team.

Trump spoke over the phone with Tsai Ing-wen, an action which has prompted outrage from China, whose government views the island as a renegade province. Relations between America and Taiwan were originally cut in 1979.

Jan Halper-Hayes, a former chair of Republicans Overseas, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that "there has been a longstanding relationship with the Republican National Committee" and Taiwan, adding that "China has been aware of this."

By taking the call, Trump is making a deliberate point that he will not "necessarily abide by everything" China does and saying to Beijing "now we need to start talking and work things out," Halper-Hayes said.

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