Donald Trump is the least racist person you'll ever meet, says his pastor

'The media made Donald Trump look racist, but there isn't a racist bone in his body', says pastor

Pastor Mark Burns says Donald Trump isn't racist in any way

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Donald Trump is the least racist person you could meet and we shouldn't believe the media spin, says the new President's top pastor.

Mark Burns first met the billionaire around a year and a half ago, when he "was asked to be a part of this private meeting." Mr Trump spoke in the meeting "about issues which were close to his heart" and since then Burns has been an ardent supporter.

Mr Trump has attracted fierce criticism for his proposals for 'extreme vetting' of Muslims and a wall between the US and Mexico. However Burns, a black American Evangelical Christian, told Sam Delaney: "The President is the least racist person you would ever know, I know what real racism is and it’s not Donald Trump.

“The liberal media really did a good job in creating sound bites and creating the image that this guy is racist."

Turning to Mr Trump's opposition to abortion, another frequent source of condemnation, Burns said: "Obviously over a decade ago Donald Trump was pro-choice…he changed his stance."

Burns claimed the reason Trump changed his mind was because of a family friend who was pregnant, and planned on having an abortion, however "they convinced her to not have an abortion and... this child grew up now and is a very, very close friend to the family.

"It was at that moment he realised how precious all lives were. He wasn’t even running for president when he changed [his mind]."

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